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Caroline and Jennifer became friends in 2004 as a result of a mutual business interest.  Inspired by that business’s annual cancer fundraising campaign, they decided to hold their own yearly event to raise additional funds for breast cancer research.  In 2007, they saw the phrase “fight like a girl” in print and something sparked.
Caroline Sullivan
Registered Pharmacist, mother of 2, spouse of 15 years, sister, & daughter, Caroline counts an aunt and 2 good friends among breast cancer survivors who are dear to her.  She faced a scare herself when her doctor found a lump in one of her breasts.  The lump is benign, but mammograms have been ordered every 6 months for monitoring.
They designed the now famous "Fight Like A Girl!" t-shirt and were amazed by its popularity.  From there, Fight Like A Girl, LLC was born.  Their annual event expanded to a "whenever I can sell a shirt out of the back of my van" initiative.  Finally, in 2008, fightlikeagirlonline dot com was created and their efforts to help find a cure went global.

And neither girl has to drive around as much.
Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer has a background ranging from tour guide to independent consultant.  Now she is a substitute teacher where her 2 sons attend school and she and her husband of 15 years also teach confirmation classes at their church.  Jennifer was also a Donor Recruiter for the American Red Cross, the Director of Membership for the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce, and the Asst. Director of Alumni Affairs at her alma mater, Birmingham-Southern College.
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Why it helps to wear a "Fight Like A Girl" t-shirt

Finding a cure takes money and purchasing a breast cancer t-shirt helps, most certainly.  And we can leverage our humble contributions with political clout when senators & congressmen realize that many people care about this issue.

Fighting women need support.  Reading other people’s real stories and being able to network with others who have come through the fight is so important.  It’s a physical, mental & spiritual fight.
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